What is The Texas Institute for Teacher Education? rollup
The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is an academic, service-oriented organization committed to transforming public education throughout the nation. Our primary mission is to ensure that all K-12 students meet and exceed grade-level learning expectations. To accomplish our mission, the Institute collaborates with school districts, institutions of higher education, public/private educational organizations, and local/state agencies to train beginning and veteran teachers for effective service within 21st century classrooms. The Educator Preparation Program at The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is a performance-based, fast-track alternative certification program that trains teacher candidates to link current educational and neuroscience research to professional practice to ensure that all K-12 students, especially those with cultural, linguistic, and exceptional diversity, meet and exceed grade level standards.


Can I transfer my Texas teaching certificate to another state? rollup
Yes. The National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Agreement facilitates the movement of educators among the states and other jurisdictions that are members of NASDTEC and have signed the Agreement. Although there may be conditions applicable to individual jurisdictions, the Agreement makes it possible for an educator who completed an approved program and/or who holds a certificate or license in one jurisdiction to earn a certificate or license in another state or jurisdiction. Receiving states may impose certain special requirements which must be met in a reasonable period of time. For additional information, follow this link : National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification.


What sets your program apart from other teacher preparation programs? rollup
The conceptual framework, "Teaching Every Student Through Universal Design for Learning," guides the mission of the Educator Preparation Program at The Texas Institute for Teacher Education. Our teacher candidates are uniquely trained to use the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to plan, deliver, and evaluate culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy. To meet the diverse learning needs of K-12 students, our teacher candidates earn multiple teaching certifications in addition to their initial certification area.


What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)? rollup
In classrooms throughout the nation, diversity is the norm, not the exception. UDL is not a one-size-fits-all instructional approach. Securely grounded in current neuroscience and educational research, UDL is a teaching and learning framework that helps all students meet and exceed grade level standards by promoting equal access to the general education curriculum. To learn more about UDL, follow these links: http://www.udlcenter.org or http://www.cast.org/.


Is The Texas Institute for Teacher Education accredited? rollup
Yes. The Educator Preparation Program at The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is fully accredited by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification, a division of the Texas Education Agency.


Who may enroll in the Educator Preparation Program at The Texas Institute for Teacher Education? rollup
University/college graduates (with a degree earned from an accredited domestic or international university/college) who desire to make a positive difference in the lives of K-12 students.


What are the admission deadlines? rollup
There are no admission deadlines. Although the Institute admits applicants on a "rolling" basis throughout the year, everyone is encouraged to apply several months in advance of their anticipated hiring date as a classroom teacher.


Does the Admissions Committee consider incomplete admission applications? rollup
No. All applicants must submit the online application and supporting materials (two letters of professional reference, official university transcripts indicating the highest degree conferred, and any previous TExES scores) before the Admissions Committee schedules the applicant for the admissions interview.


What is the admissions interview? rollup
It is a short, fifteen to twenty minute telephone interview consisting of open-ended questions related to teaching dispositions.


What is the expected format of professional references? rollup
Once the online admissions application is submitted, applicants will receive a confirmation email that contains links to our secure reference database. Applicants merely forward these links to individuals providing the references.


Am I required to pass a TExES examination as a condition of admittance into your program? rollup
No. Although applicants may submit TExES examination scores to support their application, it is not required.


What is the GPA requirement? rollup
All applicants must submit a 2.5 cumulative GPA or 2.5 GPA achieved over the last 60 semester hours. Exceptions to the GPA requirement may be granted based upon extenuating circumstances. Since the admissions process is holistically oriented, the applicant's GPA is not the determinant factor of admission status.


Does the program admit international candidates? rollup
Yes. Our program actively recruits international candidates, especially those with Spanish-speaking ability.


Does the program admit candidates who are in their last semester of college? rollup
Yes. Candidates enrolled in their last semester may apply for admission and begin the online coursework. An official transcript indicating the conferred degree must be submitted at the conclusion of the last semester.


Where may I complete the teaching internship? rollup
The professional practicum experience (ME 565A or ME 565B) may be completed at any TEA accredited public school or TEA recognized private school. The Texas Institute for Teacher Education may file an application with the Texas Education Agency for approval of a public or private school located within any state or territory of the United States, as a site for an internship, student teaching, clinical teaching, and/or practicum. The application shall include:
(i) the accreditation(s) held by the school;
(ii) a crosswalk comparison of the alignment of the instructional standards of the school with those of the applicable TEKS and SBEC certification standards;
(iii) the certification, credentials, and training of the field supervisor(s) who will supervise candidates in the school; and
(iv) the measures that will be taken by the educator preparation program to ensure that the candidate's experience will be equivalent to that of a candidate in a Texas public school accredited by the TEA. We may also file an application with the SBEC for approval of a public or private school located outside the United States, as a site for student teaching or clinical teaching required by this chapter. The application shall include the same elements required in this paragraph for schools located within any state or territory of the United States, with the addition of a description of the on-site program personnel and program support that will be provided and a description of the school's recognition by the U.S. State Department Office of Overseas Schools.


What if I have completed university coursework that is similar to the online seminars? rollup
Teacher candidates with extensive pedagogical expertise, content knowledge, and/or work experiences may complete a challenge examination to receive credit for a required seminar. To successfully challenge a seminar, candidates must obtain a score of 70% or higher.


What is the difference between a Teacher Intern and a Clinical Teacher? rollup
Teacher Interns serve a probationary year (under a SBEC-issued probationary certificate) as the "teacher of record" and receive all benefits typically afforded first-year teachers within the school district. Salary schedules and fringe benefits are determined by the employing school district. Clinical Teachers serve an unpaid 12 week internship under the guidance of a classroom teacher.


Am I guaranteed a teaching position once I have been accepted into the program? rollup
No. The Texas Institute for Teacher Education, nor any teacher preparation program, can guarantee anyone a teaching position. Campus administrators and hiring committees render decisions based upon the candidate's qualifications for the desired position. Since our candidates are qualified to earn multiple certifications simultaneously, their marketability is greatly increased. Our teacher candidates have unlimited, free access to a database of open teacher positions within the state of Texas.


When do I begin searching for a teacher position? rollup
Once fully admitted, you may begin your search for a teaching position within any school district throughout the state of Texas.


What is the cost of your program? rollup
Since we are a private academic institution, the cost of our program is far less than other teacher preparation programs.
Click here for complete fee schedule: Program Costs


Who teaches the seminars? rollup
Seminars are taught by doctoral-level instructors who have extensive experiences within K-12 public and private schools. Most of our seminar instructors also serve on the College of Education faculty at universities throughout the nation.


What are "individualized" payment plans? rollup
To accomplish our mission of transforming the educational experiences of K-12 students with diverse cultural, linguistic, and/or exceptional learning needs, the Institute minimizes the financial impact of professional training for prospective classroom teachers. Fully admitted teacher candidates may design a payment plan uniquely aligned to their financial circumstances. Additionally, candidates may participate in the pay-roll deduction option if employed as a first-year probationary teacher on a probationary certificate. The TXITE certification officer will not recommend any candidate with outstanding program fees for the Standard Teacher Certificate issued by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification.


Does the Institute provide references from its teacher candidates who are currently enrolled or employed as classroom teachers? rollup
No. As an academic institution, the Institute is obligated to safeguard confidential student information. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that requires the Institute to protect the privacy of student education records.


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