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Field Supervisors


The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is currently seeking part-time field supervisors to evaluate and provide guidance to first-year teachers throughout the state of Texas and the nation.

Position: Field Supervisor

Employee Status: Independent Contractor (1099)

Start Date: Fall/Spring semesters

Pay Rate: $65 per evaluation/visit; $15 travel per evaluation/visit

If you would like to apply for a position as a field supervisor, please email cover letter and resume to the Executive Director of Instruction and Supervision at adoak@txite.org.


Objective of Field Supervision

The professional Field Supervisor is instrumental in monitoring and documenting the progress of interns. Intern is used to denote Teachers of Record (10 month internship; ME 565A) and Clinical Teachers (14 week internship; ME 565B). The professional Field Supervisor should foster in the intern a sense of critical reflection that allows for successful completion of the professional practicum.




  • Hold current state teaching or administrative certification.
  • Have at least three years of professional teaching/administrative experience.
  • Complete all required training sessions.
  • Be available to fulfill all field supervisor responsibilities.
  • Contact the Executive Director of Instruction and Supervision (adoak@txite.org) for questions regarding the application process.



Currently, specific duties of the professional Field Supervisor may vary depending on several factors, but all Field Supervisors are responsible for:


  • Reading the Field Supervisor Handbook and Mentor and Cooperating Teacher Handbook.
  • Conducting Orientation session for assigned Interns/Clinical Teachers.
  • Ensuring that all interns understand the nature and intent, as well as the measurable goals, of all assessment instruments used in ME 565A/ME 565B.
  • Conducting during each semester three formal evaluations of each assigned intern and completing the required online evaluations on or before the scheduled due dates.
  • Conducting as many informal/drop-in observations as possible to ensure the intern is progressing appropriately.
  • Conducting regular conferences with campus administrators, interns, and campus mentors regarding expectations, progress, and suggestions for the improvement in and demonstration 2 of knowledge, skills, and dispositions for successful completion of the professional practicum experience.
  • Engaging the intern in dialogues about (and providing the opportunity for) critical self-reflection of both the pedagogical process and content area competencies.
  • Acting as an advocate for the intern when necessary.
  • Alerting the Director of Academic Services early, consistently, and in writing of any issues which may arise during a placement.
  • Recommending additional and/or alternative program goals and objectives for interns who, during the professional practicum experience, exhibit personal and/or professional dispositions that are incongruous with the Institute’s mission statement, the conceptual framework, or stated program goals.
  • Completing any required training sessions, e.g., PDAS, TXBESS, T-TESS.


Apply Now

If you would like to serve as a field supervisor for The Texas Institute for Teacher Education, please email cover letter and resume to the Executive Director of Instruction and Supervision at adoak@txite.org.