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Our Mission


The Texas Institute for Teacher Education exists to prepare competent and compassionate professional educators dedicated to serving the diverse cultural, linguistic, and exceptional learning needs of all students. Accordingly, the Institute is committed to the following tenets:

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Core Tenets


The preparation of professional educators equipped to meet the diverse educational needs of all children, particularly those with unique cultural, linguistic, and exceptional learning needs.


The preparation of professional educators who recognize that collaboration and dialogue, the supreme hallmarks of the learning community, accentuate the design, delivery, and evaluation of effective classroom instruction.

The preparation of professional educators who recognize that culturally and linguistically responsive professional practice reflects a keen understanding of how human diversity issues impact the individualized learning process, including the acquisition of critical thinking, problem-solving, and performance skills.

The preparation of professional educators who employ differentiated, UDL-compliant instructional practices to create positive learning environments that value diversity, academic excellence, and the meaningful participation of all stakeholders.

Dr. John Doak - Director Emeritus


Dr. Doak's passion for serving students with diverse cultural, linguistic, and exceptional learning needs inspired his development of the Educator Preparation Program at The Texas Institute for Teacher Education. The primary mission of the Institute is to prepare classroom teachers to address learner variability through Universal Design for Learning, an evidence-based framework for helping all K-12 students attain high academic achievement. Dr. Doak is a member of the CAST UDL Professional Learning Cadre, the "premiere"" group for providing professional learning services on CAST's behalf. In addition to serving as the Director of Academic Services for the Institute, he currently serves the special education profession as a program reviewer for the national Council of Exceptional Children (CEC). During 2015, he was appointed as a site visitor for the national Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).


Dr. J. Rodney Short - Advisory Board Chairman


Dr. Short, Professor Emeritus at Texas Woman's University, is the Chairman of The Texas Institute for Teacher Education Advisory Board. He is a highly acclaimed public speaker, former Associate Dean of the College of Education at Texas Woman's University, and author of Lessons Learned from Kipling's "If." He is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the Distinguished Mentor Award from the University of Texas Superintendent's Academy. Dr. Short holds a doctorate in educational administration from the University of Alabama.


Dr. Gamal Attia Khalil Fayed - International Special Education Advisor


Dr. Gamal Attia Khalil Fayed is a professor of special education and Manager of Quality Assurance and Unit Accreditation at Mansoura University, Egypt. Dr. Fayed is currently an international visiting scholar in the College of Education and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Fayed is a former school psychologist at the Institute of Blindness, Egypt. He has authored four textbooks and over thirty articles related to special education in Egypt. His professional contribution to the international special education field also includes the design and development of eleven psychological assessment instruments. Dr. Fayed holds the doctorate, masters, and Diploma in Education from Mansoura University, Egypt. He completed a B.A. Honors in Psychology at Ein Shams University, Egypt.




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