Program Objectives

The primary objective of The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is to prepare highly qualified educators to meet the diverse learning needs of all K-12 students. Our graduates demonstrate mastery of the following professional practice domains:

  • Educational neuroscience implications for professional practice

  • Principles/theories/legal mandates that impact the professional practice of classroom educators

  • Individual learning differences/characteristics

  • Educational technology to support student learning

  • Data-driven and evidence-based instructional methodologies

  • Typical/atypical language development

  • Long/short-term instructional planning

  • Formative/summative instructional assessment

  • Evidence/standards-based instructional methodologies and interventions

  • Behavior analysis/management

  • Learning environment modification/adaptation

  • Stakeholder-centered collaboration

  • Professional administration and evaluation of K-12 school programs

  • Standards of professional development and ethical practice

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