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Field Supervisors

The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is currently seeking part-time field supervisors to evaluate and provide guidance to first-year teachers throughout the state of Texas and the nation.

  • Position: Field Supervisor
  • Employee Status: Independent Contractor (1099)
  • Start Date: Fall/Spring semesters
  • Pay Rate: $65 per evaluation/visit; $15 travel per evaluation/visit

If you would like to apply for a position as a field supervisor, please email cover letter and resume to Administrative Services.

Objective of Field Supervision

The professional Field Supervisor is instrumental in monitoring and documenting the progress of interns. Intern is used to denote Teachers of Record (10 month internship; ME 565A) and Clinical Teachers (12 week internship; ME 565B). The professional Field Supervisor should foster in the intern a sense of critical reflection that allows for successful completion of the professional practicum.

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  • Hold current state teaching or administrative certification.
  • Have at least three years of professional teaching/administrative experience.
  • Complete all required training sessions.
  • Be available to fulfill all field supervisor responsibilities.
  • Contact the Administrative Services Office (1.888.698.9483 or admin@txite.org) for questions or concerns.

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Currently, specific duties of the professional Field Supervisor may vary depending on several factors, but all Field Supervisors are responsible for:

  1. Reading the Field Supervisor Handbook and Mentor and Cooperating Teacher Handbook.
  2. Conducting Orientation session for assigned Interns/Clinical Teachers.
  3. Ensuring that all interns understand the nature and intent, as well as the measurable goals, of all assessment instruments used in ME 565A/ME 565B.
  4. Conducting during each semester three formal evaluations of each assigned intern and completing the required online evaluations on or before the scheduled due dates.
  5. Conducting as many informal/drop-in observations as possible to ensure the intern is progressing appropriately.
  6. Conducting regular conferences with campus administrators, interns, and campus mentors regarding expectations, progress, and suggestions for the improvement in and demonstration 2 of knowledge, skills, and dispositions for successful completion of the professional practicum experience.
  7. Engaging the intern in dialogues about (and providing the opportunity for) critical self-reflection of both the pedagogical process and content area competencies.
  8. Acting as an advocate for the intern when necessary.
  9. Alerting the Director of Academic Services early, consistently, and in writing of any issues which may arise during a placement.
  10. Recommending additional and/or alternative program goals and objectives for interns who, during the professional practicum experience, exhibit personal and/or professional dispositions that are incongruous with the Institute’s mission statement, the conceptual framework, or stated program goals.
  11. Completing any required training sessions, e.g., PDAS, TXBESS.

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Apply Now

If you would like to serve as a field supervisor for The Texas Institute for Teacher Education, please email cover letter and resume to Administrative Services.

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